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My experience with my PND Recovery Facilitator, Mary Williams, was life changing. Mary and I met weekly online and I would look forward to our sessions. It didn’t matter how I was feeling, Mary was always warm, sensitive and encouraging. Mary’s gentle, supportive approach to facilitating this course, made me feel comfortable and relaxed enough to be open and engaging in our sessions. Life can always change and throw things our way and Mary was always understanding, flexible and accommodating to our sessions.

Mary had a great understanding of this subject and related well to my various situations. Mary was there for me when I needed someone the most on this journey of PND. She gave me the knowledge and tools I needed to help towards my recovery. I felt completely at ease with Mary and now feel like I’ve gained a life-long friend. I would highly recommend Mary as a PND Facilitator and think you are very blessed if you get to walk this journey with her.

Bethnie Frear, Kerikeri  

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Mary is an awesome facilitator! I felt very comfortable with her from the beginning. She is friendly, approachable, and accommodating. Mary has even been in contact with me, checking in, since I’ve completed the course. It’s nice to know I can reach out to her again if I ever need to.

Kirsten Dowd, Auckland

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Overall Mary was awesome. As a trainer we are constantly looking for ways to motivate our clients and keep them accountable. We understand the importance of having goals and spend a lot of time goal setting and reinforcing. Marys session gave us as trainers tools to help them achieve their goals and help them make a deeper connection between fitness and life.

Habitat For Fitness, Kingsland

A leader by example whom genuinely cares for the well being and development of her teams both professionally and outside of work. Mary understands that a well rounded work/life balance is imperative to success and her unrivalled support and guidance of others revolves around this. I had the pleasure of working with Mary for 12 months and there was never ever a moment she said no to helping me or challenging me to go one step further. In particular, Mary's enthusiasm, listening skills and patience to work with colleagues are her greatest assets. Her passion for life coaching is transparent in the way she carries herself every single day with persistence, positivity and a real 'knack' for inspiring others

Jesse Hocking, Interactive Marketing Specialist - Samsung Canada

Mary is such a people person...she cares, loves and appreciates hard work. Like everyone she no longer aspires to perfection but more importantly excellence in all she does. Perfection will always be something that is beyond your reach and understanding the difference, will be your reward in the long run. Credibility and merit in your own right without those that try to bring you down where you continuously rise above will be your ultimate. This is exactly where Mary is today. 

Mary you have your own destiny in your hands...go forth, share and deserve it and everyone you touch will benefit. 

Genitha Ngaika, Sales Manager

Mary is one of those rare managers who naturally inspires the team because she leads by example. Even when the going get so tough, we toughen up for Mary. 

As a manager and mentor, she brings out the best in us. She is very supportive in our career and personal growth. Even in a highly pressurised sales environment, she finds time to share her management skills, advises us the best practices in our planning, decision making and execution of our action plans. Overall, our small team has always met its business goals under her leadership. She is a clear thinker, a hand-on manager who understands the complexity of our portfolio but was never imposing and gives us a free hand to resolve and achieve our goals. She is both value and action driven. I am so privileged to have her as my direct manager

Mary Ann Laico, Auckland

Mary Williams was my Area Manager at Yellow Pages in the Key Account Captions team. In all my working life I would have to say that Mary was thee best I have worked under. The pressured role that I held had many obstacles & challenges to overcome, however that was made easy by the great support & coaching from Mary Williams. She showed great leadership as a manager & was always transparent in what she required from us to get the job done & get it done well within a timely manner. We were a successful team because we all aspired to work & be as successful as Mary whom regardless of all the tasks & projects she held as a manager she was still able to support us in our role in order to help us be successful individuals. Mary has also tasted the greatest success at Yellow by winning many of the Excellence Awards & rewarded with many great trips overseas. She would be of great asset to any business, Mary wish you well in all future endeavours

Betty Lemalu-Lefao, Account Manager - GWF George Weston Foods

I had the pleasure of working with Mary both as a sales consultant as well as a sales manager at Yellow Pages NZ. 
Having worked so closely I came know Mary has a coaching and mentoring professional who put her people first. 
One thing that stood out was her ability to build relationships that contributed to the objectives of her teams performance and ultimately results. 

Mary has a remarkable aptitude to come up with innovative solutions - sometimes before anyone else has even identified the problem! 
She is not afraid of making a tough call if it means a better outcome. Her effectiveness as a coach and trainer was repeatedly commented on by her peers and team." 

Thomas Duncan-Sutherland, Microsoft Azure Solution and Value Specialist at Microsoft

It was a lovely surprise to receive a welcome pack and the materials in the post. The online workshop allows you to be in the comfort of your own home and go at your own pace. It was really helpful to pause and think about how the areas of my life are going. I found the Personal and Professional satisfaction course to be insightful and assisting. Mary is a great facilitator and guides you through the course step by step. By the end of it you will feel encouraged and empowered.

Jennifer Martinez , Leader The Logos Project, Marist Youth Development

I had the opportunity to attend the Balance versus Satisfaction workshop run by Mary Williams. I found this workshop extremely beneficial to my personal situation as a mother of 5 and working full time. The workshop highlighted the importance of gaining satisfaction in your personal life. Mary’s lovely manner and the resources that were provided made the workshop informative and enjoyable to take part in. Mary takes you through step by step processes in supporting and helping you to achieve your goals. I am excited to use what I have learnt from this workshop and use it in my everyday life. 

Hilda Barwig-Uini , Teacher/Dean

Mary's coaching and guidance as my team leader/manager helped me in my development in sales. She is passionate and very supportive of her team. Excellent manager and is always there to listen and motivate the team in achieving their goals.

Edwin Uy Auckland

I enjoyed the workshop.  The structure was well put together.  It really allows you to focus on the fundamental points in your life with techniques and tools to enable you to succeed in achieving balance and satisfaction.  Thanks Mary 

Leann Lacaba, Software Consultant